Examination Cell

Examination Cell has been functioning ever since Institute has been granted Academic Autonomy. Controller of Examination will work as coordinator and executive of the cell along with required number of supporting staff. This Cell maintains students’ records regarding examination. Exam Cell will conduct examinations, declare results & perform all other relevant functions regarding examinations.

Examination Cell Staff
Sr.No. Name and Designation Exam Cell Designation Contact Number e-mail
Shri. F.A. Khan
Principal 0240-2353644 gpaexamcell@gmail.com
Shri. S. S. Ragte
Controller of Examination 0240-2353644 gpaexamcell@gmail.com
Shri. Sirsat B.S.
Programmer 0240-2353644 gpaexamcell@gmail.com
Shri. Lakras G.B.
Data Entry Operator 0240-2353644 gpaexamcell@gmail.com
Shri. Nilesh R. Bhosale
Instructor 0240-2353644 gpaexamcell@gmail.com
Shri. A.G. Puri
Instructor 0240-2353644 gpaexamcell@gmail.com
Shri. B.D. Shelke
Hamal 0240-2353644 gpaexamcell@gmail.com

Examination Committee
Sr.No. Name and Designation Examination Committee Designation
1 Shri. Dr. Vinod Mohitkar, Hon. Director Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education Mumbai Chairman
2 Smt. S.D. Deshpande, Principal, Government Polytechnic, Mumbai (Bandra) Member
3 Shri. F.A. Khan, Principal, Government Polytechnic, Aurangabad Member
4 Shri. Dr. A.V. Peshwe, Head of Mechanical Engineering, Government Polytechnic Aurangabad Member
5 Smt. M.M. Ganorkar, Head of Applied Mechanics, Government Polytechnic, Aurangabad Member
6 Shri. S.S. Ragte, Controller of Examinations, Government Polytechnic, Aurangabad. Member Secretary

Special Committee
Sr.No. Name and Designation Special Committee Designation
1 Shri. S.T.Deshpande, Director, Bemco Sleepers, Aurangabad. Chairman
2 Shri. Dr. C.S.Thorat, Principal, Government Polytechnic, Jalna. Member
3 Shri. Dr. Anand N. Pawar, Deputy Secretary, RBTE, Aurangabad. Member
4 Shri. F.A.Khan, Principal, Government Polytechnic, Aurangabad. Member
5 Shri. S. S. Ragte, Controller of Examinations, Government Polytechnic, Aurangabad. Member Secretary