Long Term Objectives -mr


Long Term Objectives
  • The institute will establish itself into a fully autonomous institute.
  • The institute will grow as a deemed university status in the area of technical management, human resource development entrepreneurship development in sequential growth of technician program.
  • The institute will strengthen its lead institute status and support , guide and network other technical institutes to make them grow, sustain and become leaders
  • This institute will develop disadvantaged groups in the community into knowledge and value added society who can harness the resources.
  • To develop programs to cater to the needs of masses who are not able to attend the classes physically (virtual teaching)
  • To develop web laboratories to have the networking with other technical institute in the worlds for sharing knowledge and resources.
  • To develop training centers at institute to cater the need of industry persons at all levels
  • To develop and strengthen industry institute participation directly in teaching , learning process and financial aspects of the institute.