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HOD’s Desk

Ms.Jyoti S. Lakade

Date of Appointment : 01-08-2016

It gives me pleasure and great opportunity to introduce Department of Dress Designing & Garment manufacturing of Government Polytechnic Aurangabad. The department has been established in the year 1992.The intake of programme is 30 girl students. The department has experienced and dedicated faculty to guide and mentor the students.The curriculum is designed for benefit of students and focused on outcome based education (OBE) pattern, with an ease of modifying and updating the curriculum of the courses as per the need of the society/industry. The department has well equipped laboratories for performing practical for achieving technical proficiency required for garment industry. The department endeavours for nurturing creativity and innovation for successful education. The Department has evolved with
Empower Women in Garment Designing & Making, with respect to Indian Heritage & Global trends.

1 To create a learning environment that provides skills, creativity and industry exposure so as to practice design interventions right from the adornment of the material to the finished Garment and fulfill the clothing needs of the society. 2 To enhance the presentation skills, entrepreneurial abilities & development of social values, human ethics for the careers in Garment mfg. units. 3 To harness human resource for sustainable growth by inculcating the philosophy of continuous learning and innovation in Dress Designing and Garment Manufacturing field.


Ms.Jyoti S. Lakade.

Lecturer (I/c Head)- (Regular)


Mrs.Naina Rahul Lakhotiya(Biyani)

Lecturer (Regular)


Mrs. Amruta Laximikant Rode

Lecturer (Regular)


Mrs.Amruta Vijaysi Ramaiya

Lecturer (Regular)


Mrs. Pallavi Jagannath Lanjewar

Lecturer (Regular)

Mrs.Savita Balaji Bansod

Designation: Instructor (T.L.A) (Regular)
Qualification: Diploma in Dress Designing &Garment Mfg. Bachelor in Arts


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  1. Students will design garments considering current trends and forecasting as per needs of society.
  2. Students will pursue higher studies in designing, garment technology, merchandising & fashion communication.
  3. Students will execute career in garment industries & academics considering green and responsible fashion.
  4. Students will have self-employment in designing, pattern making, surface ornamentation and graphic designing.
1. Basic and Discipline specific knowledge: Apply knowledge of basic techniques of sewing, drawing, fundamentals of pattern making, textile, historical costumes & embroidery to design and manufacture garment.

2. Problem analysis: Identify and analyze human figure problems, fitting problems, finishing, presentation & promotional problems using standard methods of Garment Designing and Mfg.

3. Design/ development of solutions: Design solutions for well-defined technical problems and assist with the design of garment components or processes to meet specified needs.

4. Engineering Tools, Experimentation and Testing: Apply modern engineering tools and appropriate technique to conduct standard tests and measurements for Dress Designing and mfg.

5. Engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment: Apply appropriate garment designing and making technology in context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices.

6. Project Management: Use Engineering management principles individually, as a team member or a leader to manage projects and effectively communicate about well-defined Garment Designing and making activities.

7. Life-long learning: Ability to analyze individual needs and engage in updating in the context of technological changes.
  1. Specialized surface ornamentation skills for professional practice.
  2. Specialized designing and pattern making skills for professional practice.
  3. Modern software usage for apparel designing and manufacturing.
Sr.No. Name of Member Designation Experience Organization
01 Shri.Ingle R.M, In-Charge CDIC Academic Expert-Member 25 Government Polytechnic Aurangabad
02 Smt. Dr. Anvita Agrawal, HOD Academic Expert- Member 20 Home science department, Mahila College, Aurangabad.
03 Smt.J.S.Lakade, I/C Head of Department, DDGM Chairman 21 Government Polytechnic Aurangabad
04 Smt. N.R. Lakhotiya, Senior lecturer, DDGM Academic Expert-Member 19 Government Polytechnic Aurangabad
05 Smt. M.P. Chavan, Senior lecturer, DDGM Academic Expert-Member 13 Government Polytechnic Aurangabad
06 Smt. Chetna Shetty Industry Expert-Member 7 Freelance designer, Mumbai
07 Shri Sakla Kiran Industry Expert-Member 10 Director Sakla Uniforms, Aurangabad
08 Smt.Priyanka Somani Industry Expert-Member 10 Director Kalyani Creation,Aurangabad
09 Smt.Pooja Rai Diwedi Industry Expert-Member 20 Director,Casa,Amore
10 Smt. Swati Khandagle Alumni Expert-Member 5 Senior Guest lecturer, MGM, Aurangabad
11 Smt. Tuba Mirza Alumni Expert-Member 7 Guest Lecturer, SNDT college, Aurangabad.
12 Smt. A.V. Rammaiya Special Invitee-Member 13 Government Polytechnic Aurangabad
13 Smt. P.J.Lanjewar Special Invitee-Member 11 Government Polytechnic Aurangabad
14 Smt. A.L.Rode Special Invitee-Member 13 Government Polytechnic Aurangabad
Sr. No. Name of the Lab. Cost (in Rs.)
1 CD-205-Computer Lab View 2318928/-
2 CD-209-Advanced Machine Lab View 3566156/-
3 CD-208-Machine Lab-1 View 4,63301/-
4 CD-210-Machine lab-2 View 159681/-
5 CD-211-Illustration Lab View 61980/-
6 CD-206-Drafting Lab View 153793/-