Mercedes-Benz Downloads

Important Information of ADAM
Sr.No. Academic Year Term Download
1 ADM-CIRCULAR-2020-21 (REAGARDING ADMISSION) 2020 View/Download
2 Syllabus for ADAM Entrance and Practical Test ADAM-2020-21 BATCH 2020 View/Download
3 Information Brochure of One Year Full Time Advanced Diploma in Automotive Mechatronics course in collaboration with Mercedes Benz India 2020-2021 View/Download
4 Application Form Automotive Mechatronics 2020-21 View/Download
5 ADAM ADD_2020-21 View/Download
6 BROCHURE Automotive Mechatronics_2020-21 View/Download
Departmental Circular/ Downloads
Sr.No. Title Year Term View